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 Current projects

  • Digital Dialogues – Co-Creating Resources with Children and Young People to Aid Discussions around Online Use with Mental Health Practitioners
  • Suicide and self-harm in ethnic minority groups
  • Exploring the impacts of regulations aimed at restricting access to highly hazardous pesticides on suicide and self-harm globally
  • An Ecological Momentary Assessment study of self-harm thoughts and behaviours
  • Life after self-harm in Sri Lanka
  • An evaluation of the Tellmi app

Completed projects

  • DELVE – The Journey of Engaging with Self-harm and Suicide Content Online – A Longitudinal Qualitative Study
  • Emotional dysregulation, self-harm and disordered eating: a mechanistic investigation
  • Investigating How People Who Self-harm Evaluate Web-Based Lived Experience Stories: Focus Group Study
  • What distinguishes adolescents with suicidal thoughts from those who have attempted suicide?
  • Childhood adversity and suicidal behaviour in Sri Lanka
  • Helping university students who self-harm: can digital interventions offer an acceptable and effective option?
  • Self-harm with and without suicidal intent

PhD projects

  • The relationship between type, timing and duration of exposure to adverse childhood experiences and adolescent self-harm and depression: Findings from a study of three UK prospective population-based cohorts
  • Life-course influences for mental ill health: an analysis of birth cohort data from the Philippines
  • Adolescent Social Media User Types and Their Mental Health, Well-being, and Social Connectedness
  • ‘A whole university approach to improving student mental health and wellbeing: Mixed-methods evaluation of a new university wellbeing service.’

Suicide and Self-harm in South Asia and its impact among family and community members.