Engaging Young People in Conversations Exploring the Impact of Their Online Use on Mental Health

Dr Zoë Haime has written a blog post for the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH). Zoë’s blog focuses on what University of Bristol research has taught us about talking to young people about their online use and mental health. She also highlights some ongoing research – the ‘digital dialogues’ project, led by Dr Lucy Biddle, which aims to identity knowledge gaps, and co-create training and resources to help mental health practitioners have these conversations with young people

Zoë says “Recently, The Royal College of the Psychiatrists in the UK advised that social media and online use should be considered in assessing risk of all young people they meet (RCPsych Report CR225, 2020). However, it is currently unclear whether this advice has been implemented in practice. Additionally, there is little evidence of guidance on how to approach these conversations with young people, or of similar direction for other mental health practitioners, teachers or parents.”

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