Channel 4’s The Simpler Life: SASH researcher Myles J Linton helps guide people ditching modern day for Amish living

Dr Linton advised on a new Channel 4 reality show ‘A simpler life’ which aimed to examine the impact of simpler living on life satisfaction, health and wellbeing cut off from the modern world. The volunteers had to live without technology, heating, or electricity and received guidance from a Pennsylvania Amish family from Ohio on how to grow crops, milk goats and cows, and raise chickens.

Dr Myles-Jay Linton said: “The pandemic has made lots of us reflect on our busy 21st-century lives, exploring the pros and cons of a stripped back lifestyle will hopefully prompt people to really think about how living a simpler life could lead to greater life satisfaction. With the data collected, we were able to unpick how personality characteristics and core values explained the drastically different experiences of community members on the farm.”

You can watch the series on Channel 4